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Shadowridge Homeowners Association Blog


Shadowridge Vista has a Homeowners association (abbreviated HOA), A homeowners association is an organization that has rules and regulations that provide orderliness and charm to the community and enforces them.

The Shadowridge Master Planned community has their own set of rules that govern the common area. Within the master planned community there are 35 subdivisions. Each Shadowridge subdivision also has its’ own set of rules. Those who purchase property within a subdivision automatically become members and are subject to the rules of the subdivision.

The HOA is governed by a board of directors, elected to enforce and oversee the HOA's rules and regulations. The board of directors is made up of property owners. If you want to have a stronger say in how things go, you can try to serve on the board,”

Shadowridge Subdivisions describe their rules in a document called the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). The CC&R’s set certain rules and restrictions on owners and their properties. Typically the rules include structural guidelines such as the type of fences and cosmetics such as permissible exterior colors of paint on a house. If someone buys a home in an HOA community and wants to make changes to the property, such as the addition of an enclosed patio, it must be approved by the HOA’s board.

There is forced compliance and penalties for violating the CC&Rs. In addition property owners are required to pay dues, known as HOA fees.

A buyer will need to know the amount of the monthly fees and the financial stability of the HOA. Each subdivision is unique in itself and the rules, regulations and fees vary. Some of the subdivisions have a community swimming pool. The maintenance is the responsibility of the HOA and the hours of use are regulated. Sometimes there are special assessments to cover expenditures when cash reserves may not cover the expenditure.

If you’re shopping for a house in Shadowridge, you need to read and understand the HOA and CC&R documents very carefully that pertain to the property you are purchasing as you have to abide by them. They are provided to buyer prospects during the escrow period prior to purchasing and closing the escrow.

The rules include anything from allowable pets to how to maintain landscaping Rules also included are rules regarding parking your cars and restrictions on parking boats and other large vehicles on the street. Some benefits of homeownership are reduced such as rental restrictions . The rules mentioned are just a few.

A added plus for property owners, the HOA can act as a mediator. You can settle some confrontations with your neighbors by taking your grievances to the HOA’s board or management company.

The preceding description of the Homeowners’ Association and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restriction, are just general descriptions and are incomplete. It is the responsibility of each property owner and prospective buyer to get copies and read them thoroughly in order to understand them. 

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